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Code: SDR020
Artist: I Neurologici
Title: Five Unorthodox Strategies
Genre: Dub, Electronic, Folk
Date: 10.2014

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  1. Dubotik - To Insist
  2. Trenz - To Evolve
  3. Cycling - To Repeat
  4. Yin Yang - To Balance
  5. Shot - Shot
Use justice to rule a country.
Use surprise to wage war.
Use non-action to govern the world.
Tao Te Ching 57

Produced by I Neurologici
Composed by Matteo Minetti, except 3 by Matteo Minetti and Fabio Pieri, 5  by Matteo Minetti and Paolo Chiriatti
Arranged by I Neurologici and Andrea Mazzini (Real Rock), except 7 by Lata
Recorded by Fabio Pieri and Andrea Mazzini @ Strato Dischi Studios, Rome
Mixed by Fabio Pieri @ Strato Dischi Studios, Rome, except 7 mixed by Lata
Mastered by Fabio Pieri @ Strato Dischi Mobile, Rome
Cover by Flaminio Cozzaglio

Matteo Minetti: programming, guitar on 1 and 3, theremin on 5
Fabio Pieri : programming
Paolo Chiriatti: hi-hat and bottle on 1, programming on 5
Stefano Damiano: bass on 1
Matteo Bevilacqua: percussions on 1 and 3
Alessandro Mazziotti: flute on 1 and 4, harmonic flute on 1

Five Unorthodox Strategies by I Neurologici is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike license

I Neurologici

Strato Dischi Notlabel



This sent me on a quest for the deeper meaning in this music...

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